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New Program Provides Affordable, Accessible Long-Term Recovery Help

recoveryReports from around the country have indicated another spike in substance use problems during the pandemic, with opioids being one of the main concerns. People struggling with an opioid dependency have typically been directed to one of two main options, daily opioid replacement therapy for maintenance, or a traditional detox and treatment facility. While both of these are vital life-saving solutions, there are still a number of people who cannot or will not choose either of those routes and are seeking other options.

Advanced Recovery Resources, LLC intends to help fill at least a portion of that unmet need with the launch of the Opioid Independence™ Program, which is a hybrid recovery model that combines online lessons with personalized service and guidance from recovery coaches, therapists and/or peer support specialists. An ideal participant would complete an online lesson, a group session, an individual session and attend a peer support group each week for 26 weeks. The full 6-month program is self-directed and allow people to create their own custom recovery support team.

“Our goal was to develop a model for recovery that is accessible and affordable for a longer-term engagement,” says Lucas Catton, CEO of Advanced Recovery Resources, “we didn’t want geographical barriers or a lack of private health insurance to keep people from getting a highly individualized recovery experience.”

Catton points out that the program itself is not treatment, but instead a recovery framework that includes the lifetime access to the online lessons and connections with specialized service providers who can help people design and navigate their own unique recovery plan. The independent provider network already includes the ability to deliver services nationwide and even internationally, and there is a growing list of therapists, recovery coaches and peer support specialists preparing to join as well. As providers identify the individual needs of their clients, they also connect them up with appropriate referrals for medical treatment.

To enroll in the online course, view a list of initial providers and find out more information, visit http://opioidindependence.com.


Federal Lawmakers Approve Bill to Expand Opioid Abuse Treatment

The House has approved new legislation written to give healthcare providers more options as they do their part to stem the opioid crisis. Currently more than 115 people are losing their lives to drug overdoses in the US every day.

The legislation passed easily with a vote of 396-14. It includes several opioid-related bills that lawmakers have decided to make a priority.

Drug Crisis Impacts Many Lives

Many of the lawmakers shared personal accounts of how opioid abuse has affected their family, friends and constituents when urging their colleagues to pass the bill. Majority leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said that his press secretary, Erin Perrine, lost her brother, Eamon, to a drug overdose. The news of his death in 2016 was particularly tragic for the family since it happened shortly before Perrine’s wedding.

McCarthy stated, “Let that be a lesson to us all: There is no event so joyful, no place so safe, that it is untouched by the drug crisis.”

New Law Increases Aid to Medicare Patients

The new bill encourages states to increase treatment coverage for substance abuse through Medicaid. Former prisoners and youth in foster care are among the population groups specifically targeted for increased treatment coverage. To date, 30,000 Medicare patients have been diagnosed with opioid addiction.

The legislation also seeks to increase use of medications to treat opioid abuse. It would allow more healthcare workers to treat patients with medications to reduce overdose risks. Methadone clinics will be added to Medicare program offerings. The new bill adds incentives for physicians to order post-surgical injections, as opposed to prescribing opioids.

White House Supports House’s Effort to Pass Bills

The White House announced its support for the House’s effort, which has involved passing multiple bills on the opioid abuse issue. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders called on the Senate to take the legislation up and “get these lifesaving bills to the president’s desk.” Sanders went on to say that the bills represent, “the most significant Congressional effort against a single drug crisis in United States history.”