Crack cocaine is a powerful stimulant that comes in a hard form following the cooking of powder cocaine with other substances such as alcohol. Users smoke the drug repeatedly for the short, but near immediate, high. Sadly, crack cocaine is highly addictive and quitting is difficult even for the most strong willed people.

If you or a loved one is addicted to crack cocaine, call our helpline at 1-888-605-7779 and we’ll connect you with an inpatient rehab center that can help.

Who’s At Risk of Crack Cocaine Addiction?

According to the DEA, crack cocaine is a Schedule 1 substance which means it has no medical use and is HIGHLY addictive. Therefore, anyone who uses crack cocaine even once is at risk of becoming addicted. Most users repeatedly use the drug many times over the course of a day or night or even throughout many consecutive days as a means of keeping the “high” going.

What is Inpatient Crack Cocaine Rehab?

While the first choice in treatment may not always be inpatient rehab, it’s definitely the safest and by far the most effective choice. Inpatient rehab for cocaine addiction or any type of substance abuse problem provides around-the-clock care and a supportive environment that is conducive to recovery and healing. During inpatient rehab you will:

  • Learn how to cope with addiction and emotional triggers that may cause substance use.
  • Receive treatment for any co-occurring mental health disorders or physical health conditions.
  • Receive family counseling and therapy to help you build a strong network of support that will aid in your long-term recovery.
  • Be provided with meals and basic necessities as well as shared accommodations.
  • Have time for reflection and personal growth.
  • Receive counseling and therapy in both an individual and group setting.
  • Receive medical care as needed, especially during detox and withdrawal.

Each inpatient rehab centers has unique accommodations. Some offer added amenities such as swimming pools, spas, exercise equipment, game rooms, and private suites. Luxury inpatient rehab centers tend to offer amenities that are well beyond the scope of basic needs while standard inpatient rehab programs may offer the bare necessities. Consider amenities as just one factor in the equation when choosing a rehab center to treat you or a loved one for crack cocaine addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Crack Cocaine Addiction

The effects of crack cocaine use are generally short-lived. Users experience a high that is almost immediately felt but which lasts only a few hours at best. The symptoms of crack cocaine use may include:

  • Hypertension
  • Hyperactivity and increased energy
  • Paranoia and increased alertness
  • Heightened confidence
  • Tension or stress

Using crack cocaine just once can lead to overdose. If you overdose on this drug you could have a heart attack or suffer other potentially fatal complications. If you suspect crack cocaine overdose call 911 immediately for help.

Signs of crack cocaine overdose include:

  • Seizures
  • Severe aggression
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety

The potential for fatal complications resulting from crack cocaine overdose are increased for users who already suffer from health complications such as kidney problems, liver problems or high blood pressure.

As you continue to use crack cocaine, tolerance develops and your become addicted. If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may be addicted to crack cocaine:

  • Do you smoke crack daily?
  • Do you smoke crack as frequently as possible?
  • Do you smoke crack when you should be handing situations in which drugs are not acceptable such as while caring for family or when you are at work?
  • Have you been arrested for crack cocaine possession or for other crimes related to your substance abuse, yet you still use the drug?
  • Have you made promises to friends or family members that you would quit and failed to do so?
  • Do you consistently abuse crack despite your best efforts to quit?
  • Have you tried to quit on your own and failed?
  • Are you struggling with health problems, relationship problems, or other complications as a result of crack cocaine use and still smoking crack?

If you need help, call 1-888-605-7779 and we’ll connect you with an inpatient rehab center that will provide treatment that’s catered to your individual needs. A wide range of programs are available to assist you in the recovery process—all you have to do is call for help.

Do I Really NEED Inpatient Treatment?

You may think that you can forgo inpatient rehab and instead just quit smoking crack and get sober on your own—many addicts believe they can. Sadly, most are proven wrong. Addiction is just too strong of a disease to quit without help. Long after any physical symptoms of withdrawal pass, underlying psychological symptoms of the addiction can linger making relapse risks quite high.

Professional help, through counseling and therapy, is the ONLY way to truly overcome addiction and minimize the risk of later relapse, no matter how strong willed you are. If you’re addicted to crack, and you do NOT receive treatment, you’re at risk of relapse which could have potentially fatal consequences. This is because when you quit smoking crack for even a short period of time your body adjusts and you become less tolerant to the drug. Relapse is more likely to occur because you may think you can still handle the same amount of cocaine that you previously could handle—but in reality, your body simply can’t take it.

If you have recently relapsed, there is help! Call 1-888-605-7779 and we will place you in an inpatient rehab center.

What Treatment Options are Provided During Inpatient Rehab?

During inpatient rehab you will receive care and support that will guide you through every facet of the recovery process. While all rehab centers are different, and the actual treatment that is provided to you will be modified to meet your unique needs, you can expect the following during inpatient rehab:

  • Around-the-clock care and support.
  • Medical monitoring to ensure you remain safe and in control of your recovery.
  • Counseling and therapy for underlying mental health conditions.
  • Behavior modification to help you surpass poor behaviors and learn how to live drug free.
  • Access to aftercare, support and other therapeutic recovery opportunities that ensure your long-term success and sober living.

If you or a loved one is ready to get sober, call our helpline toll-free at 1-888-605-7779. Your recovery is literally just a phone call and a few steps away—don’t let crack addiction ruin another day of your life.