Why Inpatient Rehab is the Best Choice for Many Substance Abusers

An inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility can be the best option for some clients with substance abuse issues. This treatment model allows them to stay at a treatment facility and focus their full attention on getting well, as opposed to receiving help on an outpatient basis where they would live at home and commute to treatment sessions.

Reasons to Consider Inpatient Rehab

Here are some situations where an inpatient rehab treatment program can make the most sense:

The client could benefit from a highly structured program.

At an inpatient, or residential, program, clients’ days are highly structured. People in treatment do not have a lot of down time, since they are kept busy with individual and group therapy sessions and attending 12 step meetings. This is an excellent choice for someone who has been in treatment before and has relapsed.

The program also includes activities designed to teach clients how to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise and learning effective stress management techniques (yoga and meditation), as well as how to derive pleasure from something other than drinking or using drugs. Clients may spend time going on hikes and spending time outdoors, learning how to cook or going on outings in the community.

The client would have a better chance for recovery without distractions.

Going to an inpatient rehab facility means leaving work or school, as well as all of the familiar places where a client is used to obtaining their drug of choice, and living at the treatment center. They can focus their entire attention on getting well.

The client needs to undergo detoxification (detox) before starting a treatment program.

An inpatient rehab facility can often provide medically supervised detox services along with drug and alcohol recovery treatment. A client can receive both types of help at one facility, often getting individual and group counselling and other services, during the detox phase of their stay.

The client needs treatment for a mental health concern as well as addiction.

It’s not uncommon for clients at an addiction treatment center to need help for a mental illness and an addiction, such social anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, too. When someone comes in for help with this type of profile, it is called a dual diagnosis, and they need to be seen by experienced specialists who can treat both concerns at once.

An inpatient rehab can be the best choice for some substance abusers. Be sure to consider the options carefully when making decisions about treatment for yourself or a loved one. Call 1-888-605-7779 for placement into an inpatient rehab center or to ask questions about inpatient rehab today.