Alaska may be offset from the rest of the contiguous United States but this hardly means the state is immune to the devastation of addiction that plagues the country. In fact, Alaska has one of the highest rates of alcoholism and prescription drug use in the entire U.S. Sadly, less than 2% of those who require treatment seek the help of Alaska inpatient rehab centers for their substance use disorders.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol and needs help, call 1-888-605-7779 today to speak with a recovery specialist. Our helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find Alaska inpatient rehab centers in Anchorage, Kodiak or Juneau as well as throughout the many small towns of the state.

Alaska Addiction Statistics

Throughout Alaska, many serious drug and alcohol use problems are plaguing individuals and their families. The following addiction statistics show just some of the problems that are taking place on a regular basis throughout Alaska:

  • Prescription drug use is a serious concern as is heroin abuse. Many resort to heroin because they can no longer afford prescription drugs.
  • 37% of all criminal activity in Alaska is reportedly the result of substance use.
  • The majority of adult incarcerations in Alaska’s major cities are the result of alcohol abuse. In fact, alcohol accounts for nearly 75% of adult incarcerations.

How Long is Alaska Inpatient Rehab?

The amount of time you will spend in a rehab center varies largely based on your needs. For some, inpatient rehab only takes about 30 days. As a result, most inpatient rehabs begin with a 4 week or 30-day treatment regimen. This regimen is extended to 30-day intervals based on patient needs.

If you’re struggling with addiction to heroin, alcohol, or prescription drugs, you will likely spend up to 90-days or more in a residential treatment setting followed by a period of 30-days or more of outpatient care. If you have relapsed many times, are struggling with mental illness, or have other underlying health problems that require treatment in conjunction with the addiction, you can expect to spend at least 90-days in treatment.

Is Inpatient Rehab Really Right for Me?

You’re probably wondering if inpatient rehab is necessary. Many question whether they really need inpatient rehab or if they may be able to “cheat” their way through or seek a less invasive level of care. The short answer is – NO, you shouldn’t opt for a lower level of care in most cases. In fact, for most addicts, inpatient rehab is the most successful treatment option available.

You need inpatient rehab if:

  • You have relapsed despite your efforts to quit on your own or with the help of others.
  • You have been addicted for more than a few weeks.
  • You are using multiple substances.
  • You are struggling with dual diagnosis.
  • You do not have adequate support at home to KEEP you sober.

Don’t be afraid to call for help. Our inpatient rehabilitation helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll help you find an Alaska inpatient rehab center that’s ideal for you or for a loved one. Just call 1-888-605-7779 today to be connected with a treatment specialist.

Find Inpatient Rehabs in Alaska Near You

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