Finding a top rated inpatient rehab center in Florida that will treat drug or alcohol addiction that you or a loved one may be suffering from can be challenging at best. So many options to choose from, so many decisions to make, and at such a vital time in which you just plain NEED help! If you or a loved one is looking for rehab help in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa or any other major city in Florida, call our helpline at 1-888-605-7779 today.

What is Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Florida Like?

Often times, the very first question that comes up when considering treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol is whether or not inpatient treatment is really necessary? Here are some quick ways to help you determine whether inpatient rehab in Florida or any other state is the right choice for you:

  • Have you been in treatment before and relapsed?
  • Have you tried other more conservative treatment options such as support groups or outpatient care and relapsed?
  • Do you suffer from an addiction that results in severe symptoms of withdrawal when you lower your dose or cut it completely out of your daily routine?
  • Are you currently struggling with more than one addiction or do you suffer from a dual-diagnosis in which you are both addicted and mentally ill?

If you answer “YES” to any of the above questions, there’s a good chance that you would benefit greatly from the help that is offered in a residential rehab program that provides 30, 60, 90 days or more of inpatient care.

The next common question that arises is what treatment will “FEEL” like? Will it hurt? Will I be left to suffer and struggle through painful detox and withdrawal? Will my friends and family be able to visit? Fear of the unknown is one of the leading causes of failure to seek help for an addiction to drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs or alcohol.

Don’t let your fear of what Florida rehabs are like prevent you from making the choice to get sober—call 1-888-605-7779 and we’ll answer the questions you have regarding treatment to help you make a decision that leads to recovery.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab in FL

Whether you decide on inpatient rehab or you take the steps toward outpatient care, it’s likely that you’ll struggle a little bit along the way as you adjust to the expectations of each type of treatment. But all struggles aside, what really is the BEST rehabilitation program for YOU?

Many go into this decision making process thinking that “clearly outpatient rehab is best because it’s local, less invasive, less expensive and just plain easier to adjust to.” Most of these assumptions tend to be true, but this does NOT mean that outpatient care is best for YOU.

Statistically, inpatient rehabs in FL provide the best FIRST STEP in the treatment process to help you get sober. Unless you are only struggling with a mild case of substance abuse, and not so much a full-fledged addiction, it’s likely that an inpatient rehab center will be able to provide you the best care possible—at least for your first 30 days or so of care.

How Long Does Inpatient Drug or Alcohol Rehab Take?

The length of time that you’ll spend in a residential rehab program will vary greatly depending on:

  • Your individual needs.
  • The amount of time you have struggled with addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • How long it takes for you to safely detox and prepare physically for the treatment being offered.
  • Whether you have underlying health conditions such as anxiety, depression or similar issues.
  • Whether you have tried treatment before and how long ago that was.
  • The amount and type of substance that you are abusing and how frequently you abuse it.

Most Florida inpatient rehab centers provide a starting option of care that provides 30 days of treatment. This care can easily be extended based on patient needs to provide 60 or 90 days of total care. For more severe cases, long-term residential rehab programs offer 120 days or more of treatment that is geared towards those who struggle with the hardest to treat addictions.

How Can I Pay for Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Florida?

Many Florida rehabs accept health insurance. Many addicts are surprised to find out that their insurance can offset the costs of treatment significantly or, in some cases, completely. Fear of paying for rehab should NEVER be a reason to NOT get help. Here are some other options available to assist you in your fight for effective addiction treatment at an affordable price:

  • Sliding fee scale programs that bill based on your ability to pay.
  • Free programs that are sponsored by the government or by local organizations.
  • Court ordered programs that are generally shorter term but paid for by the state.
  • State funded programs that operate at a reduced cost to Florida residents.
  • Programs that offer financing to help you pay for treatment over the course of several months or years.

We can help you find an affordable, effective inpatient rehab in Florida that’s right for you. Call our helpline at 1-888-605-7779, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance.

I Need Help Finding the Best Inpatient Rehab in Florida Today

Are you ready to get sober and say “goodbye” to drug or alcohol addiction once and for all? A quick call will get you started on the road to recovery. We know how difficult it can be to make the decision to call for help—but we promise to be with you every step of the way.

Florida rehabs are available throughout the state to provide you with the compassionate care that you deserve. Our helpline operators act as a liaison between you and the many inpatient rehab centers that are available throughout the state to assist you. When you call 1-888-605-7779 for help, you are immediately treated in a caring, compassionate manner that is conducive to your healing and recovery—that’s our promise to you.

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