Are you looking for a residential rehab center that will help you or someone you love get sober? Montana inpatient rehab centers provide support, quality care, and medical intervention as needed to ensure that you or your loved one will get sober and stay that way. Whether the addiction is to heroin, prescription painkillers, alcohol, or another illicit street drug, rehab centers can help.

Should I choose Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab?

One of the biggest questions that comes up when looking for a rehab center is whether inpatient treatment is really necessary. Many addicts initially want to choose the help of an outpatient program because it seems easier, more convenient, and even more affordable, but outpatient treatment isn’t always the best choice.

Inpatient rehab centers in Montana provide 30, 60 or 90-days of residential treatment in which the patient will live in a controlled atmosphere where they have no access to drugs or alcohol and can focus their time on recovery and healing. You should choose inpatient treatment in Montana if:

  • You have tried other methods of treatment before and failed.
  • You have suffered a relapse.
  • You suffer from strong symptoms of withdrawal when you quit using drugs or alcohol.
  • You have an underlying health condition that also requires treatment.
  • You use drugs or alcohol with other members of your household.
  • You have broken relationships with close friends and family as a result of your addiction.

We can help you decide whether inpatient treatment is really necessary, and upon deciding what type of treatment is likely to be most valuable to your individual needs, we will help you find a rehab center in Montana that will aid in your recovery. Call 1-888-605-7779 any time for further assistance.

Quick Facts About Montana Addiction Treatment

If you’re still not sure about treatment, consider these quick facts about the many residential rehab centers found throughout the state of Montana:

  • Montana ranks 4th for population-adjusted treatment centers with many programs offering specialized care for Veterans.
  • Community reinforcement, access to recovery and other similar treatment vouchers are accepted by the majority of rehab centers in Montana as the state ranks 4th in the nation for the acceptance of these treatment options.
  • Most Montana treatment centers provide a wide range of behavioral therapy options to patients to aid in the total recovery and healing capabilities.

If you or someone you love needs help, call our helpline toll-free for immediate assistance at 1-888-605-7779. Our treatment specialists are standing by to assist you in finding and choosing Montana rehab center that will guide you down the path to recovery and healing.

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