Regardless of whether you suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, North Dakota inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers are the ideal choice for safe, effective treatment that will lead to long-term sobriety and healing. If you’re looking for a treatment program that will guide you past addiction to recovery, call our helpline at 1-888-605-7779  to speak with a referral specialist who can assist you.

Rehab centers are equipped to treat the wide range of symptoms that come as a result of substance abuse, as well as those symptoms which may be present as a result of underlying mental illness or health condition. In North Dakota, inpatient rehab centers help patients to overcome addiction by providing:

  • Around the clock treatment and support
  • A safe environment in which recovery can begin
  • A controlled atmosphere where the focus is on healing
  • Education that aids in the prevention of relapse
  • Counseling and therapy to assist in creating a foundation for recovery
  • Medical care that reduces symptoms and minimizes impact of withdrawal

If you or someone you care about is suffering from addiction, call our helpline to speak with a treatment specialist that can assist you in finding the best care for your needs.

What Type of Treatment is Right for Me?

Deciding whether inpatient or outpatient rehab is necessary and whether you should seek a spiritual rehab program or a holistic program or some other type of treatment can be challenging. You may not even realize how many different rehab centers are available in North Dakota, or, if you’ve already done some research, maybe you’re starting to realize that there are many more programs than you once thought and the decision on what’s best is becoming even more difficult for you.

We can help you decide which treatment is right for your or for someone you care about. The first step will be to determine the severity of the addiction and whether inpatient rehab is necessary. Next, determining your underlying needs and desires for recovery will help us to define the type of treatment that will likely be most suitable and effective for your needs.

If you’re not sure about treatment, or if you need help finding a rehab center in North Dakota that will assist you in putting your best foot forward and getting sober, call our helpline toll-free at 1-888-605-7779 for immediate assistance. We will provide you with a free referral for treatment that will change your life, it all starts with one phone call.

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